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About Us - Winnipeg Carpet Installation

Established in 1990 in Winnipeg Manitoba. Masters is the top choice in Winnipeg for flooring installation, and repair. With 35+ years of professional flooring experience. We serve both commercial & residential projects.

About Us - Winnipeg Flooring Living Room

To create a Masters Floor Covering Services nation wide. Servicing homes and businesses from the east coast to the west coast. Our presence is well known in Winnipeg, and it will be known nation wide by 2025.

About Us - Winnipeg Flooring

Our mission is to keep your life as simple as possible. We will bare the responsibility of properly measuring, preparing and installing your floor. All you have to do is select the floor you want, and enjoy the comfort and beauty of your new floor.

About Us - Winnipeg Flooring Laminate

Our expanding goal is to bring the same professionalism we show are clients here in Winnipeg across the nation. Be it with our company or our competitors. Masters is currently, and will continue to be the measuring stick used in our industry.